Chante' Whisonant

Chante' Whisonant

Young Entrepreneur: What Makes You Different?

What separates you from your competition? Are people hurrying to grab your product? What makes people fight for your services? What makes you unique? Customers/clients want something different. They want something rarely seen, something they can brag about. Does your business offer that? Let’s break down why that is so important.

You’ll Blend In

Alright, before I say this I PROMISE I’m not trying to discourage your dreams. I just need you to think about how to effectively execute it first. But seriously, stop blindly copying other people. Soon as we see someone else do something and become successful at it, we think, “Oh, that’ll work! I should do the same thing!” Then when it doesn’t take off the way we wanted, our drive settles down. There are probably millions of people with products or services similar to yours. How will you stand out? How will you give your competition a run for their money? Now, this isn’t to tell you not to do it. Whatever your dream is, go after it. Just think wisely before buying a bunch of stuff for something that may not immediately take off. This is to make you study your business. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How do my prices compare to my competitors?
  • How will I make my product/service different?
  • What are consumers asking for/lacking in this product/service? Can I provide it since very few competitors are?
  • How will I brand this differently?
  • How can I tastefully make this outside the box?

Those are just a few questions to go over with yourself. 2,500 girls on social media selling lip gloss and eyelashes does not stop you from doing the same. Don’t get into the attitude of thinking your idea is useless. Rather, it should encourage you to separate yourself from the rest. What aren’t they doing you can do?

Stay Motivated

While doing all this work and research for your business, you can get a bit discouraged. It can be harder than you think finding ways to make your business unique, but you can do it. I’ve heard too many young business owners say, “Forget it, this is too hard.” They get intimidated by their competition’s popularity and possible level of expertise but don’t think about that. Listen, people will pay you to solve a problem. It gives them a sense of peace and relief. So, if the burger joint down the street doesn’t solve their problem and you do, guess what? You have a new customer. Even if you think it’s a small problem, write it down and come up with ideas on how you can fix it. Becoming successful is not hard, it just requires work everyone isn’t willing to put in. Put your game face back on. Update your website’s services. Come up with some unique ideas, it may just be worth a million dollars. One simple solution no one else in similar fields as you thought of, could change your life. Find out what that is. As Mark McCormack said, “You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just attach it to a new wagon.” Get creative trendsetters. It’s time to manifest your dreams. And only you can do that. Remember, it’s not impossible, just a process.

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