What is a trendsetter?

Why do we call our followers Trendsetters? Trendsetters are leaders, groundbreakers, and founders. It’s young people who go against the grain and always seem to be the odd ball. If you’re the first person in your family to break out of the poverty mindset, you are a Trendsetter. If you direct your own path and refuse to follow others, you are a trendsetter. If you’re an independent artist who beats to the sound of your own drum, you are a Trendsetter. And our goal here is to “Captivate The Trendsetter In You“. We are dedicated to unlocking your inner gifts. We are determined to shift the way you think about yourself and snap you into leadership mode. In order to lead, you must think for yourself. In order to be successful, you must take risks others won’t take. What’s the great news about all of this? Chante’ Whisonant, Inc is here to help you along the way

Our philosophy

Inside of every young person is a trailblazer ready to breakout, a leader ready to be born. Our company is committed to helping you "Captivate The Trendsetter In You".

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"I don't follow the trends baby, I start them." -Chante' Whisonant