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Two Easy Tips To Become Successful

What Is Blocking Your progress?

Success starts in your mind. Your thoughts turn into beliefs. And what you believe will become noticeable through your words and actions. If your mind contradicts your words, it will show in what you do. If you’re committed to your business, why do you always give up when it’s hard? If you have confidence in who you are, what makes you constantly compare yourself to others? If you’re confident in your writing, how come you end up calling it junk? If you are serious about getting yourself incorporated, does spending your entire paycheck in 2 days match that said goal? This is how you know there is a problem. What you are saying isn’t registering with your heart. You are self-sabotaging. How and how come? Well, it’s a few different things. The first thing you need to be careful of is your thoughts. Those constant negative thoughts and fears circling your mind? Yeah, get rid of those. They do NOTHING good for you. If you listen to those negative thoughts long enough, they form into a belief system. And what you believe controls your actions. If you don’t think your product is good enough, how could you be consistent in trying to sell it? If you’re convinced you’re a horrible speaker, what would possess you to get on stage? The first step to being successful is believing in yourself and knowing what you bring to the table.

The second problem would be your value system. What you find most valuable will greatly affect your business. Your value system, can be formed by your environment, upbringing, trauma, and again, beliefs. So, if you hold video games to a high value, and think your business isn’t going anywhere, you’ll play video games all day. Because you’re not just fighting with your thoughts, you’re fighting against what you want to do and what you need to do. You may need to save up money for inventory, but those expensive shoes keep calling your name. You may need to sit down and record your content, but the value you hold for reality TV may overpower that need. Bottom line? Change your mind, change your life.

How To Change Mindset

Well now that you know how your beliefs affect your actions, let’s work together to change that.

The first thing you should do is change the conversations you have with yourself. As soon as a negative thought pops into your mind, train yourself to immediately counteract it with something positive. You should not let those thoughts sit for too long or you know what will happen. If your environment hurts your mental health, change that as much as possible. Get better, more positive friends. Throw out the depressing music. Cover your walls in positive affirmations. The positivity around you will start clouding your thoughts and change what you say about yourself. The second thing I suggest is getting into the habit of decreeing your goals every morning. And when you say it, say it like you mean it. Whatever personal short-term or long-term goals you have, write them down and speak them into the atmosphere. Your words are powerful. Just note, you’ve probably been speaking/hearing negative things all your life. So it’s going to take at least 30 days of doing this consistently before you see a mindset change. You’ve got to give your mind, body, and soul time to clean out all the junk that’s been holding you back.

The last thing I recommend is watching motivational videos every day. That may sound clich√©, but it really works. Watching people who are where you want to be in life can inspire you. Especially the ones that can identify with your struggles. It reminds you that you are not alone and the people you admire have already been there. Also, make sure you’re specific in what you search so you can find exactly what you need. Feeling lazy? Pull up motivational videos for laziness. Feel a little self-destructive today? Search motivational videos on self-sabotaging. That should help get you what you need. Also following us a @chantewinc on TikTok can help motivate you too! Another great speaker is Les Brown. I highly recommend him.

Before you click off Trendsetter, I want you to read this out loud, okay?

I am deserving of success and I won’t be afraid of it. My negative thoughts are lies and hurt my progress. I am more than capable of reaching my goals. This marks the day my mindset changes for the better. Starting today, what I think and do, will aid to my success. 

I really hope you took what you said literally.

Love as always,


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