Chante Whisonant is an amazing leader and exhibit leadership in her skill as both a motivational speaker and minister. Ladies of Grace, Cambridge MD was honored by Chante when she spoke with them both by skype and then being our guest speaker at our banquet. The young ladies were enlightened by the fact she was a young teen (at the time she spoke) who had accomplished so much. Ladies of Grace truly appreciated Chante as graced us with words of wisdom.
Chante Whisonant is a intelligent and inspiring young lady. She has entered into society challenging and questioning all that come her way.
I just finished reading The Life Behind Her Smile: Everything is Not As It Seems and it delivers an important message about abusive relationships and their connection to low self esteem. The author, Chante' Whisonant, allows you a look into the life of girl that is suffering from abuse from her boyfriend, classmates, and even her own family. It gives you insight as to how such situations can occur. The topic is very important to the young and old alike.
Chante Whisonant is one of the most brilliant, bold and boss minded young minds on the scene today. She’s unbridled in her “tell it like it is” approach in sharing information on vital topics that are affecting young people today such as relationship abuse, low self esteem, peer pressure, problems with parents and the value that is in making good choices. A published author before she was 18 and already a prolific speaker and facilitator, Chante is a young woman on the rise that America needs to keep their eyes on.
Thank You for all you do for our Youth and our community. I just wanted to first say that I had the pleasure to hear you speak and enjoyed it very much. Thank You for coming out to support us At Harrisburg Fashion Week 2018 and allowing us the honor to have you speak and interview some of our Models. You are are an amazing and gifted women of God and I can’t Waite to see what else God has for you. Keep Preaching to our young Girls about saving their selves and being Holy before God I’m proud to know you May God Bless you on all your endeavors.

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