Staying focused through trials


It’s no secret that being focused is important for your future. Whether it’s dealing with your education, career, or spirituality, our parents tattooed how ignoring distractions is essential. In which they were most definitely correct. We can become engrossed in something so much it changes the direction of our life. If you constantly focus on drama, what will your life most likely surround? That’s correct, drama. If your day is consumed with you obsessing over your favorite celebrity, what will always be your on your mind? Yep, that particular celeb and their life. What’s even worse is when you become concentrated on those things people will hold you to them. Now you’re known as the gossip spreader of town. And breaking that title to become Ms. or Mr. CEO isn’t easy, but that’s a talk for another time. For some, you already know this. You are always trying to keep yourself motivated, but lately that hasn’t been easy. You’re focused isn’t off course because of gossip. You aren’t distracted because of Youtuber drama. You aren’t focused right now because your life is truthfully a mess. Maybe in your opinion, 2020 has been an awful year (we all might just agree with you). A lot is going on right now and you aren’t the only Trendsetter who is unmotivated. People are dying left and right. The upcoming election is stressing everyone out. COVID-19 is still the result of employees and small business owners struggling to pay the bills. And those are just the global problems. Who knows what’s making you lose your mind behind closed doors.

Whatever your struggle is, you WILL get through this. I know it’s hard not to lose track when there’s a million problems surrounding you, but can I tell you a secret? Problems don’t go away. Now, what you’re going through currently definitely might change for the better, but things happen. Unfortunately, the perfectly peaceful life we dream of doesn’t exist on this earth. But that does not mean you give up. Winners win because they concentrated on their goal and pushed passed obstacles. Boxers win the match because they took all punches and punched back even harder. You may be down now, but you can still rise back up and take the crown. How do you do that? Stay focused on what is important to your immediate growth. Don’t get caught up in the negative things. Negativity will consume you and you’ll lose track of your purpose. Stay out of the family drama. I know that is your sister, but sis been repeating the same cycle for 10 years. And where have you been the past 10 years? Putting your future on hold for her. Be supportive, but don’t be controlled by the situation. I know everything is crumbling under you, but you STILL can accomplish what you want in life. Its hard to not focus on losing your job, but if you focus on the failure instead of finding away to IMPROVE your situation, sooner or later you might just lose your mind. You are STRONG. You are MORE than capable. And you ARE an overcomer. Shift your focus right back to accomplishing your goals. Don’t get stuck on the fall, just worry about getting up. Now, who’s ready to give 2020 a run for their money?

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Chante' Whisonant

Chante' Whisonant

Chante' Whisonant is a published author, public speaker, mentor, Vice President of MBROC, and Founder of Chante' Whisonant, Inc.

2 thoughts on “Staying focused through trials”

  1. So true! What we focus matters, and we have choices we can make now that help us in the future. Keep writing and speaking, Chante!

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