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Character & Leadership Building

This workshop is designed to help young people correctly brand themselves. When becoming a leader or building a business, your character and daily life choices matter. For example: If you’re someone who constantly posts lewd memes, fight videos and is rude to everyone, it’s going to be VERY hard to attract the necessary attention for your brand. Your personality turns people off. Millionaire’s won’t invest into people who show zero leadership capabilities. After this workshop, partakers will have the motivation and change of mind they need to get the ball rolling in their life. Before you can effectively lead someone else, you must get your own self in order.  



What will you learn?

A few things you will better understand after this workshop

"The first mistake women make is thinking being mean and bossy makes you an effective leader. If you're equating bullying to good leadership, you are already going down the wrong road."

Chante' Whisonant

Knowing yourself First

Building a relationship with yourself is vital. Too many people try leading others when they don’t even know who they are themselves. We will break down why your goals and keeping yourself motivated is so important and why its essential to leading others. 

Character Matters

Trustworthiness, openness, and integrity are very important qualities for leaders to have. You can have a great personality, but if your actions make you seem unethical and untrustworthy, no one will work with you. This part of the workshop  breaks down the cruciality of character development. 

Being a boss with good leadership skills

The 3rd part of this workshop will explain the difference between being “bossy” and being a leader. To effectively get this point across everyone will partake in a leadership exercise. 

Communication Skills

Lastly we will work on communication skills. It’s important to remember people see you as a role model when you’re a leader. You can’t mindlessly fire off words like bosses do. you must be compelling, inspirational, clear and consistent. Most importantly you must be a good listener. One finale exercise will be done to put this into practice.


2nd offered Workshop

Mindset of success: Beginner Entrepreneurship

This workshop is designed for young women who want to start a business, but lack the support, drive, and financial stability. The workshop will focus on renewing your mindset. In order to be a successful businesswomen, you must entirely change your focus and daily actions. Partakers of this workshop will learn how their circle, spending habits, and concentration can make or break their future.  


What you will Learn

"If your mindset and actions reflect poverty, that's where you'll stay."

Chante' Whisonant

Wanting it bad enough

Why do you want this? How bad do you want this? How bad do you want to reach your destiny? In this first part we will discuss finding your passion, overcoming failures, being resilient, and staying focused. 

Spending Habits

Starting a business and keeping it running calls for money. And what do girls spend a lot of? Money. From hanging out with your friends, to $300 sew-ins, and spending $80 every other week on your nails, your maintenance can get pricey. Here, we will talk about sacrifices, beauty alternatives, and financial responsibility. To get the point across, we will practice some scenario exercises. 

Be Teachable

Especially when you’re young, there is a lot to learn about entrepreneurship. You must keep your mind open for learning and criticism. Here we will discuss how prideful, close minded individuals fail in business.  

Embracing Uniqueness & Accepting changes

Once you set your mind for greatness, there will be obstacles. In this last part, we will talk about embracing the new you, dealing with backlash from peers, and accepting the new changes in your life. Ending, we will practice another exercise to help the participants. 


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