The Life Behind Her Smile: Everything Is Not As It Seems


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Powerful book of one young woman’s struggle with teenage dating violence and her long, slow journey to freedom.

You do not need to accept the title of victim. You deserve love, happiness, and independence. TLBHS has not only been a inspiration to teens, but to adults as well. This book is perfect for having open, heart-to-heart family or class discussions. Get your digital copy of “The life behind her smile” today and learn more about teenage abusive relationships.

No one knows what people go through behind closed doors and that exactly describes 17-year-old Melanie Acuff’s life. The girl must deal with she and her mother’s strained, toxic relationship while also being abused by her boyfriend in the process. Despite her personal problems, she still flashes the same bright smile every day that always seems to fool everyone around her. Soon, she won’t be able to keep up the act any longer as everything begins to crumble beneath her. When Melanie meets the new student Nick they quickly become friends, but the idea of Melanie and Nick being friends doesn’t set well with her boyfriend Robert. With lack of parental guidance and Robert’s slow intensifying anger, she must soon learn how to truly fight for her life. This story tells of how a young girl turns from a fearful, depressed and powerless victim to a bold, happy and powerful young lady. Come take a peek into Melanie’s journey and The Life Behind Her Smile.


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