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Boss Chick Mentality

One of the biggest questions I get from women is, “How do I develop the mindset or mentality of a boss chick?” That is honestly a very good question. A lot of women struggle with obtaining the mindset that will aid them in entrepreneurship. They want to work towards wealth, but the old them is going to war with their new dreams. To take yourself to the next level, there is a certain mentality you must have. Now, this won’t be necessarily easy for everyone because you’ll need to break free from many bad habits, but I know you can do it. 

1: Know your identity and power

The first step to this entire process is knowing who you are and the power that you hold. Until you have this first step, the rest of this post will not matter. And no, I don’t mean how much money you have. Truly, who are you? What do you bring to the table? Are you a world-changing woman? Are you someone who was born with the spirit of an entrepreneur? Are you a generational chain-breaker? These questions are so important for you to figure out. Takeaway your job, money, and loved ones, what qualities do you hold? How does, can, or will the world benefit from you being in it? What valuable knowledge do you have? Answering these questions will keep you headed down the right path. Because if your identity is based on your money or business, you’ll never be stable. Why? That business is just something you do, its success should not represent your value. The lack of money in your bank account does not mean you are worthless and powerless. Please know your mind is all you need to be successful. Be confident in your creativities first, the million-dollar invention will come. Know you are a strong woman who is filled with wisdom because of the trauma she overcame. The speaking engagements and the bestselling book will come after. Your money isn’t your power, the power is in what you think about yourself. Once you change the way you think, know who you are, and what power you already hold, then you can get the money. Because if money controls your identity, you’ll truly never know who you are. And following that logic, if you never have money…you’ll never be anybody, and that’s a sad way to live. 

2: Know what you deserve

This part is easier when you figure the first part out. Once you know who you are, you will start having higher standards. More than likely your self-esteem is low if your standards are low. See, when you figure out that you’re an intelligent, independent woman with million-dollar ideas, there is no way in the world you’ll keep signing deals that hardly benefit you. When you realize the wisdom you hold, I doubt you’ll continue speaking at these conferences for free. When you know you’re extraordinary, no one will be able to treat you mediocre. Your mindset has changed, so what you entertain will change. You’ll also give off an attitude the lets people know you don’t play. Before, you probably looked like you could be easily manipulated. Now, that “push over vibe” is gone and people will give you more respect. Stay strong in what you want for yourself. If you give the best advice and everyone calls you about their problems, no one should make you question pursuing a career in consulting or coaching. If you say you deserve a life of luxury, who has the power to say you don’t?

3: Be focused on the overall goal

The final step is to stay focused on your goal. As you are building your empire, many things may try and hinder you from prospering. Financial problems, health, toxic loved ones, tiredness of going through the process, all these things can get to you. Especially if you dream big and something didn’t hit the mark the way you wanted, it can lower your spirits. That’s why boss women must stay focused on the bigger picture. When money is struggling to come, focusing on your passion for starting this business will keep you going. When the process to progress becomes too much, focusing on building that generational wealth for your family will ignite you. As a businesswoman, you will encounter many bubble-bursting moments, but you can’t let defeat slip into your mindset. Your uncomfortable moments will get inside your head and destroy your future if your mind isn’t focused. You must be determined to see your dreams become reality. You must stand strong against the storms of life so your empire can come to manifestation. Successful women know what you focus on will either push you forward or hold you back. A nail going in your toe will hurt, but if you writhe in pain too long you’ll forget it still needs to be treated. Yes, disappointments will happen in this journey, but the more you focus on the defeats, the more you’ll forget there is still a battle to be finished. Don’t let life distract you from your goals. Once you get these three steps down baby, you’ll feel like a whole new woman. More so, you will start acting like the boss chick you were made to be.

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Chante' Whisonant

Chante' Whisonant

Certified Life Coach, vice president, CEO, public speaker, & published author.

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