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About Our Company

Chante’ Whisonant, Inc has been committed to motivating, empowering, and building strong young leaders since 2017. Our primary focus is to unshackle and unlock the inner leadership abilities hidden inside every teen and young adult. Through online courses, workshops, products, and other services we offer, our company is spreading encouragement across the globe. The vision and goal of Chante’ Whisonant, Inc will always be to ignite a burning passion in every young person to become the trailblazer they were always meant to be.




Our Founder & CEO

Chante’ Whisonant is an author, CEO & Founder of Chante’ Whisonant, Inc, speaker, mentor and Vice President of Mountain Be Removed Outreach Center. Growing up in an entrepreneurial environment, Chante’ co-published her first book at 13 which immediately lead her into public speaking. After publishing her second book, she graduated high school a year early at 16 then founded her corporation the following year. Along with being featured on multiple radio stations and magazines, Chante’ has also been featured on ABC27 & WGAL 8 news. Because of being severely bullied growing up, her passion is being able to speak life into everyone she meets. When you leave her presence or visit her website, Chante’ hopes she was able to spark something in you to never give up. Everything she does has the purpose of strengthening and empowering as many people as she can. Now stepping into her 20’s, this young businesswoman is only getting started.

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